Company History

In March 1978, Indianapolis attorneys Alki Scopelitis and Norm Garvin founded the Scopelitis & Garvin Law. Their work initially focused on regulatory services for motor carriers appearing before the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC).

The ICC was the first regulatory commission established in the United States.  Originally created to regulate railroads, the ICC soon had jurisdiction over all common carriers, excluding air carriers.  Later, the ICC’s safety functions were transferred to the newly established U.S. Department of Transportation, but the ICC retained its rate-setting and regulatory functions.  By the 1980s the ICC’s authority over rates and routes in both rail and trucking ended with the implementation of the Staggers Rail Act and Motor Carriers Act in 1980.  Both acts played a major role in the deregulation of these industries, which took a major toll on the powers of the ICC.

As the industry underwent a tremendous transformation, so did the needs of Scopelitis & Garvin’s clients. To continue to serve its growing client base, Scopelitis & Garvin added complementary practices to its already-established regulatory compliance practice. With the addition of future named partners Andrew Light in 1980, James Hanson in 1981, and Gregory Feary in 1988, the Firm began to grow into what is now known as Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary. Today it is the preeminent transportation law firm serving the legal and business needs of companies in the transportation industry.

As Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary expanded its practice area offerings, it also grew its geographic footprint, starting with a Midwest regional expansion to Chicago. Today the Firm has offices from coast to coast, strategically located in major U.S. cities where Firm attorneys can best serve their clients. The Firm continues to evolve, adding experienced transportation attorneys with a passion for the industry and newer attorneys looking to be immersed in the many facets of transportation law.

From its beginning in a small Indianapolis office serving select clients’ specific regulatory needs to its present-day standing as a prominent national firm with dozens of practices, Scopelitis has maintained its synergistic internal culture. Firm attorneys are committed to the teamwork, responsiveness, and collaboration it takes to maintain the Firm’s reputation as The Transportation Law Firm.